Sachets infused with possibilities

Lavender is not only beautiful, but it has hundreds of uses.
It is a fragrant, aromatic, and relaxing herb.


Lavender is a refreshing remedy for a tired mind, relieving anxiety and stress. Use our lavender sachets under your pillow during rest to aid in relaxation.

Our lavender sachets are also wonderfully helpful in labor and delivery rooms. Expecting mothers have used our sachets to relieve stress and anxiety during labor.


Lavender sachets will permeate your drawers, suitcases and closets with a fresh, clean fragrance (and repel moths and other insects at the same time!).

Use our lavender sachets as a natural air freshener, both in the home and in the car. Squeeze the bag periodically to unlock the aroma. Tear open a lavender sachet, sprinkle the florets on your carpet, and vacuum them up for an instant air freshener.


Lavender florets are a timeless, classic, and romantic party favor for weddings and showers. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised to receive our unique lavender sachets at your event. Our sachets are perfect for weddings. Ask guests to tear open a sachet and toss the florets into the air upon the bride and groom’s departure. The lovely scent that fills the air will have your guests fondly remembering your special event for many years to come.

Place a monogram sticker on a lavender sachet and include it in a hand written thank you note. This is a nice touch, as the scent is calming and it will be remembered.


Our lavender can be used as an insect repellent. Open a sachet, combine the florets with sunflower oil or aloe vera and rub onto your skin.

Lavender sachets are also quite useful in the garden as a rodent deterrent. Hang a sachet from a stake at the end of each garden row and rest easy knowing your garden will be free of pests.


Tear open a lavender sachet and add the florets to bath water to treat circulation disorders and improve mental well-being.